Cylindrical Roller Bearing

Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings, also known as a rolling bearing, carry a load by placing rolling elements (such as balls or rollers) between two bearing rings called races. The cylindrical roller bearings have a high radial load capacity and are suitable for high speeds. They vary according to the number of rows of rollers (usually one, two, or four) and if there’s a cage or not. No cage allows for the bearing to have more rows, which helps support even heavier radial loads.
Cylindrical roller bearings are used in a variety of applications. Examples include mining, petroleum production, power generation, transmission, cement processing, aggregate crushing, and metal recycling. Some cylindrical roller bearings are used in briquetting machines, rubber mixing equipment, rolling mills, rotary dryers, or pulp and paper machinery. Others are used in construction equipment, crushers, electric motors, blowers and fans, machine tools, traction motors and pumps.
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Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Two – or double-row cylindrical bearings are designed to carry the extra strength of radial loads. These bearing types are interchangeable, so the dimensions and diameters under the roller (NNU style) and on the roller (NN style) are ISO/DIN compliant.

It has two rows of parallel cylindrical rollers distributed in similar cylindrical holes and conical inner holes, has a higher radial and axial bearing capacity than that of a single-row cylindrical roller bearing, and has a high working speed. Double row cylindrical roller bearings have two types of bearing holes: cylindrical bore and tapered bore. Since cylindrical roller bearings with tapered bores easily adjust radial installation clearance after installation, the most commonly used cylindrical roller bearings in machine tools are double row cylindrical roller bearings with tapered bores. This kind of bearing can only bear a large radial load. The inner and outer ring can be separated, so it is often combined with a bidirectional thrust angular contact ball bearing, which can bear axial load. XL Group can also offer other types of cylindrical roller bearings.

Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings Parameters:

Bearing Number d D B Static   load(kN) Dynamic load(kN) Mass (kg)
NN3052K 260 400 104 969 1810 47.1
NN3052 260 400 104 969 1810 48.5
NN3056K 280 420 106 1020 1950 49.1
NN3056 280 420 106 1020 1950 49.87
NN3060 300 460 118 1180 2250 71.7
NN3060/Y1 300 460 118 1180 2250 71.2
NN3060K 300 460 118 1180 2250 69.6
NN3064K 320 480 121 1250 2450 75
NN3068K 340 520 133 1560 3020 101
NN3068 340 520 133 1560 3020 104
NN3072K 360 540 134 1630 3240 106
NN3076K 380 560 135 1590 3240 110
NN3076 380 560 135 1590 3240 114
NN3176V 380 620 194 2700 5800 221
NN3980K 400 540 108 1240 2400 71.3
NN3080K 400 600 148 1980 3660 143
NN3080 400 600 148 1980 3660 147
NN3092K 460 680 168 2470 5070 204
NN39/560 560 750 140 2370 4860 188
NN6/560 560 780 180 2400 6400 266
NN30/560K 560 820 195 2460 6560 341
NN30/670 670 980 280 4620 9360 597

Features of Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings:

  • High load-carrying capacity
    Because of their second row of rollers, double row cylindrical roller bearings are suitable for heavy radial loads.
  • Low friction (Roller end/flange contact area)
    The open flange design and roller end design, and surface finish promote lubricant film formation, resulting in lower friction and higher axial load capacity.
  • Long service life
    The logarithmic roller profile reduces edge stresses at the roller/raceway contact and sensitivity to misalignment and shaft deflection.
  • Enhanced operational reliability
    The surface finish on the contact surfaces of the rollers and raceways supports the formation of a hydrodynamic lubricant film.
  • Separable and interchangeable
    The separable components of SKF double row cylindrical roller bearings are interchangeable. This facilitates mounting and dismounting, as well as maintenance inspections.
  • High-speed capability
    The cage designs suit high speeds, rapid accelerations, and peak loads.

Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings Application Fields:

Depending on the design, these bearings can accommodate heavy radial loads, and axial loads in both directions and have a high degree of stiffness. Double row tapered roller bearings are typically used in gearboxes, hoisting equipment, rolling mills, and machines in the mining industry, e.g., tunneling machines.